citizen, vb. as in to citizen, -zening, -zened, -zens. To mix, to cross, to cast, to struggle, to represent, to justify, to place, to breathe, to own, to migrate, to alienate, to rescale, to trans-, translate, transcreate, transnationalize, to transgress, and so forth, to inflect, to inflict, to touch, to share, to experience, to tell the truth (the way the words lie), to domesticate, to inhabit, to escape, to dislocate, to image the nation, to imagine relation, to fragment, to serve the self, to fake, to gesture, to multiply, to name, to choose, to politicize, to cultivate, to read/write, to deterritorialize, to believe, to improvise, to consume, to torque, to screw, to unfix, to loosen, to listen, to practice, to see through, to appear or perform, to articulate, to equivocate, to shop, to co-opt, to know, to inform, to demand, to strip, to separate, to reclaim, to constitute, to hybridize or disappear.

Fred Wah, originally published in XCP 15/16 (2001)